Adventure Awaits

Play Dungeons & Dragons like never before. Tackle digital and analog challenges while uncovering a unique story set deep in the heart of the Forgotten Realms. Every decision is yours to make, and no two stories are ever the same. Your voice and your choice are the tools of the trade as you call out suggestions and join the action onstage or observe from the darkness and take control from afar. With dozens of variables, hundreds of story paths, and six bespoke endings, the combinations are endless and the tale you will tell is uniquely your own.

So. What story will you tell?

a tale to be told
digital games
analog games
gather your party
action galore
infinite replayability

JOIN THE WORLD OF D&D — Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the world’s greatest roleplaying game — it’s an all-new way to play! Whether you’re a seasoned TTRPGer or have yet to roll your first twenty-sided die, D&DTST brings the game to life like never before. Our top-of-show onboarding provides the knowledge you’ll need to face the challenges ahead. While some mechanics may feel familiar (death saving throws, anyone?), others will be new to all (yes, you have to roll for magic missile). With an epic storyline and hilarious hijinks, it’ll feel just like you’re running an at-home campaign with friends…only much, much bigger!

A TALE TO BE TOLD — Experience our current campaign: Carriers of Chaos. A disruption in the Weave threatens to break down reality to its base components. As it leaks out of an underground labyrinth and into an unsuspecting Faerûn, our heroes must gather six powerful items to bind this rogue magic and save the world. Beset by violence, traps, and a mysterious intrusion from beyond the Material Plane, the fate of the city will soon become the fate of the world. Will our heroes overcome these obstacles and restore balance to the Weave, or will the source of all magic become forever corrupted?

DIGITAL GAMES — The power of play is in the palm of your hand: introducing Gamiotics. Using our browser-based software, you can tell the performers what to do, where to go, and what kind of dangers they’ll face. Let your voice be heard as you explore the story without even leaving your seat. With no app to download, there’s nothing standing between you and the journey of a lifetime. Grab your friends, grab your smartphone, and unlock the adventure.

ANALOG GAMES — Sometimes a roll of the dice isn’t enough! There are several opportunities to take to the stage and show off your skills at the Tavern. Whether you’re embodying an NPC or competing in a tavern game to decide your story’s success, the control is always in your hands…sometimes literally! Will you conquer a round of Fantasy Beer Pong? Or suffer a crushing defeat during Uh Oh Block Fall Down? There’s only one way to find out….

GATHER YOUR PARTY — Over thirty playable characters take up residence at The Twenty-Sided Tavern. Every quest, a trio is selected to set off on the adventure of their lives. But who will you choose? The party-hardy dwarven barbarian? The undead wizard cowboy? Two halflings in a trenchcoat? Whether they’re kicking down doors, casting spells, or making off with all the loot, each character is unique in personality and playstyle, and the stories they tell are as heroic as they are hilarious.

ACTION GALORE — Your actions shape the world, but danger is an ever-present obstacle. Will you face bandits, monsters, or something unknown? Each player character has their own hit points and available actions, and your choices will decide their fate. You’ll have to call the right shots and make the right moves, or your heroes will be rolling death saving throws before you know it.

INFINITE REPLAYABILITY — Just as no two storytellers are the same, no two stories are either. Every module tells a million tales, and your presence at the Tavern changes everything. Whether you play along, laugh along, or just watch and enjoy, each decision you make, or don’t make, has consequences. Add to that the randomness of the dice, the outrageous choices made by the onstage performers, and the staggering depth of the entire campaign – this truly couldn’t ever be the same quest twice.