What is this?

Dungeons & Dragons The Twenty-Sided Tavern is a live, onstage game of Dungeons & Dragons where YOU control the action. By calling out suggestions and making decisions on your smartphone, you’ll determine which heroes appear, where they explore, and ultimately how their story ends.

Where is it?

The Tavern is located at Stage 42 (422 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036). Blocks from the Port Authority Bus Terminal, it is easily accessible by the A/C/E trains, as well as a variety of other trains, buses, taxis, walking, and dancing a merry jig through Times Square.

How do I get tickets?

Pre-Sale tickets are available for community members who sign up on our mailing list here, as well as to D&D Beyond subscribers . Tickets go on sale to the general public starting Monday, March 4th.

How long will the show be in New York?

After we open on May 5th, the plan is to run for as long as we can! This is an open-ended run with the potential to add new and exciting campaigns as time goes on. The more you talk about us, the longer we get to play!

Where can I buy merch?

Merch will be available at the venue, as well as on our merch page. (Coming soon!)

What do I need to bring?

Just your smartphone or another device that can connect to the internet. That and your adventuring spirit! And friends! Bring friends!

How much battery do I need?

Less than you’d think! While we recommend coming to the show with your device fully-charged, Gamiotics only uses about 15% of the average device’s battery life over the course of a two-hour quest.


That’s the software that enhances the magic of The Twenty-Sided Tavern. You can learn more about it here.

Is there an app to download?



Really really.

What ages will enjoy this quest?

All ages! (Well, most ages) We usually say the quest suits adventurers ages 8-80, but there are always exceptions in both directions. If you think your child (or your great-grandparents) can sit through a two-hour quest without issue, they’re welcome! Be warned that, as in any game of D&D, there can sometimes be bawdy content and simulated violence, but our performers are very good at reading the room and suiting the quest to the adventurers present.

Are Rush Tickets available?

In-person rush tickets are available on the day of the performance at the Stage 42 box office (422 W 42nd Street). One person may buy up to two tickets for $29 each, inclusive of fees.

Will there be a digital lottery?

A limited number of $39 tickets (including fees) will be available for each performance. The lottery will open at 12AM one day before the performance and close at 3PM. Winners are drawn at 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM on the day of the performance. Participants should return to the site to check their results, and they will have five hours to claim and purchase up to two tickets online. Seats may be located in any section of the theater. While every effort will be made to seat pairs together with a full view, there is a chance that pairs may be split up and that your seat may have a partial view of the stage. To enter and for more specifics, click here.

Can I get a special shoutout?

If you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any other event at the Tavern, we’re thrilled to have you with us! But we can’t guarantee any preferential treatments or individual moments. Everyone enters on an even playing field, and your odds of getting picked are just as high as anyone else’s. Our advice is to be enthusiastic, be positive, and let those charisma checks roll!

Is the venue ADA accessible?

It is! See complete details on Stage 42’s accessibility here. Please note that tickets for accessible tickets for seating locations can currently only be sold in person at the box office, or by calling Telecharge Access Services at 212-239-6222.

What’s the difference between the different seating areas?

There are five seating zones at the Tavern – Platinum, Gold, Electrum, Silver, and Copper. While some might be farther away from the stage, all offer the same level of interactivity and fun. The actors will be able to reach you and your choices will matter no matter from which angle you join us.

How much will I interact with the performers?

Only as much as you want to. While the performers will be out in the space meeting and greeting beforehand, during the performance you will only be asked to participate with your explicit consent. The show can be as well-enjoyed from onstage as it can from your seat.

Can I take photos & videos?

Please do! We’d love for you to tag us on social media and share your love of the Tavern worldwide!

Do I need to know anything about D&D?

You don’t! And anything you do need to know, we’ll teach you in the moment. Dungeons & Dragons The Twenty-Sided Tavern is a little different from the at-home ruleset, so our production makes sure that everyone begins the journey on the same foot.

Is this an official D&D show?

It is! Set in the Forgotten Realms and sporting a whole host of D&D lore, mechanics, and easter eggs, this one’s as official as it gets.

Can I come onstage?

You can! But please don’t if we don’t ask you to. There are specific moments where adventurers might be chosen to join the action onstage; either a performer will explicitly ask for volunteers or your phone will tell you it’s time.

Do I have to come onstage?

You do not! The show is as enjoyable from the back of the house as it is from the front row. You can remain seated the entire show, shouting out suggestions, or simply sit, watch, and enjoy.

Can I dress in costume?

You may! We ask that any costume elements you arrive in won’t obstruct the view of or be distracting to anyone else present, but we love to see you in your bespoke fantasy dress, your D&DTST cosplay, or anything in between. Also, please leave the weaponry (impressive as it may be) at home.

Can I audition?

You can! All in due time. We have a resident acting company of performers who are ready to step into the show at a moment’s notice, and once we are looking to expand that company or are looking to add specific elements to our casting pool, the notices will go out on all relevant platforms. So, keep an eye out, but please save your headshots and resumes until the call to adventure is issued.

Is there drinking?

There is! Drinks are available for you at our lobby bars and for us onstage as part of the game. There are several moments in the show where we drink in celebration (and in shame), so feel free to play along! Our performers are professionals though, so leave the chugging to them.

Is the drinking real?

Some of it! Alcohol is not a barrier to entry at The Twenty-Sided Tavern, to the performers or to the audience. The performers who are drinking are really drinking, but the ones who choose not to aren’t. We have a series of check-ins and internal vocabulary to make sure everyone onstage is able to get a little silly while staying safe.

Is it the same show every night?

While the campaign is the same every night (for now!), the story is a very different story. Your choices, the performers actions, and the roll of the dice ensure that every experience at the Tavern is truly unique.

How long is the show?

Each quest runs about 2 hours and 30 minutes including a 15 minute intermission.

Are you coming to my city?

Maybe! We are planning the first US tour as we speak and that information will be announced soon. Got a specific place you’d like to see the Tavern? Be sure to let us know!

What else can I expect?

The Twenty-Sided Tavern is a show set in a tavern. As such, within these walls, you may encounter coarse language, adult themes, alcohol use, depictions of violence, jugglers, stunts that should not be imitated at home, stunts that should not be imitated at work, pickpockets, loose women, loose men, loose non-binary folx, and fantasy creatures that may not be suitable for all adventurers. Audience discretion is advised, but feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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